BDL Competitor Clutch

Competitor Clutch Kit CC-100-S

Our Competitor Clutch Kit (part # CC-100-S) Is for Knuckleheads 1936-1947, Panheads 1948-1964 and Shovelheads 1970-1983. This kit features (9) coil springs and (9) shoulder bolts. You may run (6) or (9) springs and bolts depending upon your needs for pressure plate adjustment, less springs less clutch pack pressure and less clutch lever pull. Run all (9) to maximize your clutch pack pressure and clutch lever pull. Our large double row hub bearing provides maximum performance and strength and secures the clutch basket and clutch hub together for that “non-floating” basket, which will give you a smoother clutch operation and positive clutch adjustment. The polished aluminum pressure plate tops off that custom look for the open belt drive installations. Our race-proven aramid fiber clutch plates make the Competitor Clutch light years ahead of the competition and a must-have for your early American V-Twin. Simply press the CC-100-S into your OEM basket or one of BDLs early clutch baskets.

DescriptionBDL Part No.
Competitor Clutch Kit CC-100-S

Competitor Clutch Kit CC-100-S

Competitor Clutch CC-100-S

Competitor Clutch CC-100-S

A. Set of 7 steelsCC-100-CS
B. Set of 5 frictions platesCC-100-CP
C. Pressure plateCC-100-PP
D. HubCC-160H
E. Hub housingCC-100HH
F. Hub bearingEHB-100
G. 4-5/16-18 x 3/4 button head screwsCC-100HR
H. Hub nut with adjusting screw and nutCC-100HN
I. Set of 9 clutch springsCDCS-100
J. Set of 9 shoulder boltsCDSB-100
K. C-clipCC-158
L. C-clipCC-244

CC-100-S for Shovelhead® Big Twin Belt or Chain Primary
CC-120-E for EVO Big Twin Chain Primary

Competitor Clutch Kit CC-120-BB

Put some balls in your stock clutch with BDL’s Competitor Clutch Kit (part # CC-120-BB).  The CC-120-BB fits right into your stock Harley OEM basket on 1990-1997 model big twins. This patented Ball Bearing Lockup Clutch comes with BDL’s Ball Bearing Pressure Plate and aramid fibers clutch pack. It will handle all stock applications. For those that have a little bit more “get up and go” we have a set of carbide ball bearings (part # CBB-8516) and a slightly stiffer diaphragm spring (part # DES-200), Just replace (7) of the steel ball bearings “in an even intermittent pattern in the 42 ball bearing pattern”  with the carbide balls and change the diaphragm spring and your ready to go!  Compare the friction plate footprint difference, BDL gives you 60% more friction surface area.

*see comparison photo down below

DescriptionBDL Part No.
CC-120-BB Competitor Clutch Kit

CC-120-BB Competitor Clutch Kit

CC-120-BB Competitor Clutch

CC-120-BB Competitor Clutch

A. Pressure PlateCDBBCB1
B. 42-5/16" Ball BearingCDBBC-B2
B1. Set of 8 Carbide Ball Bearings (Sold Separately)CBB-8516
C. Diaphragm SpringDES-100
D.Clutch HubCC-120-CH
E. Spring RetainerDCS-100
F. 4-3/8" x 3/4" Shoulder BoltsNA
G. Clutch Adjustment Screw w/nutCDAS-500
J. Set of (7) Aramid FibersCC-120-CP
K. Set of (8) .078" steelsCC-120-CS

Competitor Clutch Kit CC-130-BB

Included in the clutch pack are (7) aramid fibers that have more than 60% more surface area than stock, Our “patented” Ball Bearing Lock Up pressure plate will handle all stock applications. For large motors, carbide balls and stiffer diaphragm spring Part # DES-200, may be necessary. CBB-8516 is a set of eight carbide balls that can be used in place of the standard steel balls,  Placed in an even pattern intermittently every (6th), (7th) or (14th) bearing pocket around the 42 bearing pocket circle. Fits 1998 – 2006 Big Twins, Except 2006 Dyna.

Clutch pack is 1-steel .120″ thick. 6-steels .059″ and 7-Kevlar fibers.

DescriptionBDL Part No.
CC-130-BB Competitor Clutch

CC-130-BB Competitor Clutch

Pressure plateCC-130-PP
42-5/16" Ball BearingCCBBC-C1
Set of 8 Carbide Ball Bearings (Sold Separately)CBB-8516
Diaphragm SpringDES-100
Clutch HubCDH-500
Spring RetainerDCS-100
4-3/8" x 3/4" Shoulder BoltsNA
Clutch Adjustment Screw w/nutCDAS-500
.120" steelCC-130-BP
Set of 7 Aramid FibersCC-130-CP
Set of six .059" SteelsCC-130-CS


CC-130-BB AssembledCC-130-BB Installed in a stock clutch basket

Competitor Clutch Kit CC-140-BB


Fits stock Sportster clutch baskets 1991-Up

Add some balls to your stock clutch with BDL’s new
CC-140-BB. This new patented Ball Bearing Lockup Clutch pressure plate will handle all stock applications.

Always on the cutting edge of HD high-performance technology, Belt Drives LTD has made a living with high horsepower, big torque engines a lot easier. Just released this, “Patented” BALL BEARING LOCK UP CLUTCH design significantly lightens clutch pull at the lever while providing slip-free lock up. Each unit incorporates a designated number of steel ball bearings set in a model-specific diaphragm assembly. Replacing the factory pressure plate, springs, and hub.



The clutch will be sold only in a kit, CDCPS-140, which includes five fibers, five steels and the EDP-200.

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