GMA Forward Controls

GMA Forward Controls

GMA has designed what we believe to be by far the most streamlined forward controls, taking customizing to the ultimate level. The unique design and features make our controls a must for any stock or custom application. We manufacture our controls with the utmost care for quality and fit.
Offered in polished, chrome and black finish.

Click here to convert your pre-2015 GMA FC-100 or 200 forward control foot shift assembly into the new splined shift shaft design.

 Forward Control Breakdown

Add “C” to catalog numbers for chrome
Add “B” to catalog numbers for black
Add “P” to catalog numbers for polished

Forward Control Breakdown 1

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
AMaster CylinderGMA-MC-500
BMaster Cylinder LidGMA-MCL-500
DBrake LeverGMA-FCBL-1
EBrake BracketGMA-FCBB-1
FToe Peg (sold each)GMA-PEG-200
GFoot PegGMA-PEG-101
HBrake Pivot CamGMA-FCBC-100
IFoot Peg Pivot (sold each)GMA-FPP-1

Forward Control Breakdown 2

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
AShift Pivot CamGMA-FCSC-100
BShift LeverGMA-FCSL-1
DPivot Cam LeverGMA-FCPCL-1
EShift BracketGMA-FCSB-1
FToe Peg (sold each)GMA-PEG-200
GFoot Peg (sold each)GMA-PEG-101
HFoot Peg pivot (sold each)GMA-FPP-1