Transmission Pulleys

BDL’s lightweight aircraft aluminum transmission pulleys are about 1/3 the weight of stock pulleys. What this means is that it will extend the life of the fifth gear bearing and lighter weight means more horsepower transfer to the rear wheel. The pulleys are hard-anodized for durability. Includes: a spacer, shaft nut, seal and retaining plate with screws.


TP-29 thru TP34

Transmission Pulleys for 1985-2005 EVO Big Twins

TP-2929 Tooth
TP-3030 Tooth
TP-3232 tooth
TP-3333 tooth
TP-3434 tooth



TPS-28 thru TPS-30

Transmission Pulleys for 1991-2003 5-Speed Sportster

TPS-2828 Tooth
TPS-2929 Tooth
TPS-3030 Tooth



TPSH-29 thru TPSH-33

TPSH-2929 Tooth
TPSH-3030 Tooth
TPSH-3131 Tooth
TPSH-3232 Tooth
TPSH-3333 Tooth