EVO-9T Series

EV0-9T Series

BDL’s EVO-9T and EVO-9TF are the workhorses of belt drives. With over 50,000 kits running on bikes today you can be reassured these drives can outlast and outperform the competition. Our one-piece 6061-T6 polished billet motor plate locks the tranny and engine together. All of these kits include a 3” wide belt drive unit with polished pressure plate, double row sealed main shaft bearing, polished aluminum side plate and pulley covers and a complete “Competitor Clutch” with aramid plates. For installation in wide frame/ tire applications, choose the appropriate insert. Kits are available with an optional oil filter mount centered in the motor plate. The kit allows the oil lines to be hidden out of the way to space the front pulley. For Softail® Models from 1986 to 1989.

EVO-9T and 9TF

EVO-9T and 9TF

Drive Kit for EVO-9T and EVO-9TF

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Drive Kit for EVO-9T and 9TF

Drive Kit for EVO-9T and 9TF

ARear Basket72-3E
B47 Tooth Front Pulley47-OFP
C3" HTD Rubber BeltBDL-141-3
DShallow Taper Hub 86-89EV-175
EComplete Clutch Kit (inc. fibers and steels)ERCPS-100
FSpring Pressure PlateEPP-100
HAdjusting Screw and Clutch Hub NutCDAS-100A
IShoulder Bolts Set of 6ESB-100
JReplacement Coil Springs set of 6ECS-100
KFront Pulley Nut & WasherFHN-2, WA-3
LHardware Kit for EVO-9SHK-9
MSoftail® Motor Plate w/Oil Filter Relocation KitBDL-900F
MBMotor Plate BearingMPB-9
NStarter HousingSH-9A
OSide PlateSP-9
PDome CoversMD-100
QStarter Pinion GearPG-100
ROil Filter (Fram Filter PH6022)
(for EVO-9TF)

Hub EV-175

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Hub EV-175

Hub EV-175

DInner HubEV-175
D1C-Clip for Backside of HubCC-158

Rear Basket 72-3E


72-3E Rear Basket

ARear Basket (includes all parts below)72-3E
A1Starter Ring GearSG-2
A2Drive Dogs (set of 12)EVRD-1
A3Hub BearingEHB-100

Front Pulley 47-OFP

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Front Pulley 47-OFP

Front Pulley 47-OFP

BFront Pulley 47 Tooth 3"47-OFP
B1Standard Insert (hardware included)IN-STD