EVO-13B-2 Series

Need a performance Lock Up Clutch? Want something other than that stock look? Just want to be cool? Then BDL has the answer for your 2007-2013, “non hydraulic clutch” model Bagger with this classic belt drive kit.

Available in Polished, Black (B), or Chrome (C) finish with accent cut.

Our 2″ open belt drive kits have all of these features incorporated right into them. They come with our proven BDL patented Ball Bearing Lock Up Clutch with aramid clutch plates.  Feel more power and quicker response, Go on. Set yourself apart from the pack!

Front pulley is 52 tooth, the rear basket is 69 tooth with a proprietary 132 tooth 2” wide belt, our lighter rotating mass means quicker revs of RPM’s, which makes for more transfer of power to the rear wheel. Designed to remove load and ease mainshaft stress you can truly feel the change in the throttle response.

Kits come with all necessary mounting hardware for stock applications.

Belt Drives, Ltd. proudly manufactures its products in house! We start with a 60 lb. piece of billet aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum for the motor plate. From our own foundry we pour A-356 permanent mold aluminum ingot for the rear basket and use 8620 chrome-moly steel for the SG-4 ring gear.

As you can see from our foundry to our extensive CNC machine shop, we do it all. Yes, that’s right! It’s Made in America.


Drive Kit for EVO-13B-2

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Drive Kit for EVO-13B-2

Drive Kit for EVO-13B-2

ARear Basket 69 Tooth 2" (see break down below)B69-EV4
BFront Pulley 52 Tooth 2" WideB52F-2
C132 Tooth 2" Wide BeltBDL-132-2
DClutch Hub (see break down below)EV-180
EComplete Clutch Kit (includes fibers and steels)ERCPS-100
FBall Bearing Pressure PlateBPP-600
G3/4"-18 Left Handed Hex Nut for Inner HubEVHN-500
HO-Ringed Adjusting ScrewAS-500
LHardware Kit for EVO-13B-2HK-13
MMotor Plate for 2007-2010 FLT ModelsMP-13-2(B)(C)(CA)
MBMotor Plate BearingMPB-2008
NStarter HousingEV-13SH (B)(C)(CA)
OSide Guard (used with EVO-11S-2 & EVO-13B)EV-13SG(B)(C)(CA)
PDome Cover and Chrome ScrewsEVRC-500(B)(C)(CA)
RStand Off Kit for EVO-13S-2EV-13SO(B)(C)(CA)
SBelt Guard for EVO-13BEV-13BG

Hub EV-180

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Hub EV-180

Hub EV-180

DInner Hub EV-180
D1Step Washer and Screws ESW-1
D2C-Clip for Backside of Hub CC-158

Rear Basket B69-EV4

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Rear Basket B69-EV4

Rear Basket B69-EV4

ARear Basket 69 Tooth 2"
(includes all parts below when ordering B69-EV4)
A1Ring Gear for 2006-up DrivesSG-4
A2Drive DogsEVRD-1
A3Hub BearingEHB-100
A4C-Clip for Hub BearingCC-+244

Front Pulley B52F-2

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
b52f2 front pulley
BFront Pulley 52 Tooth 2"B52F-2