Install Guides and Warranties

  1. 3″ Electric and Kick Start for 1970-78 Shovelhead®
  2. 3″ Electric Start Drives for Dyna Models: Kit Number EVO-12S
  3. 3″ Electric Start Drives for 1986-up Softail FXR: Kit Numbers: EVO-9T, EVO-9S, EVO-9SF, EVO-11S
  4. 8MM, 11MM 4 and 5 Speed Drives Using Stock HD Clutch Hub and Clutch Closed Primary and 2″ and 3″ Open Drives (1936-80 Models)
  5. Adjusting Screws
  6. Baggers
  7. Ball Bearing Chain Drive
  8. Ball Bearing Lockup Clutch
  9. Belt Tracking and Starter Gear Problems
  10. Big Fix
  11. Bolt-in Belt Drives (1986-Up) Kit Numbers: EVB-1T, EVB-1S, EVB-1SL, EVB-2T, EVB-2S
  12. BPP-600 Ball Bearing Pressure Plate
  13. BPP-600-HYD-CK
  14. Carbide Ball Bearing Installation Instructions
  15. CC-100-S Competitor Clutch
  16. CC-122-CSPP Assembly Instructions
  17. CC-122H-CSPP Assembly Instructions
  18. CC-130-BB Competitor Clutch
  19. CC-132-BB and CC-132H-BB
  20. CC-140 Sportster Competitive Clutch Install
  21. CDAS-100A Update
  22. CDBBCPS-100 Chain Drive w/Ball Bearing Pressure Plate Installation Instructions
  23. CDCPS-100 Installation Instructions
  24. Chain Drive Installation
  25. CLT-100 Instructions
  26. Clutch Adjustment Procedures for Belt and Chain Drives
  27. Clutch Hub Removal and Installation
  28. CS24-A and CS-25A
  29. CS34-A Compensator Installation
  30. Dome Cover
  31. DPP-100 Install
  32. DPP-200 Install
  33. ECP-100 and ECP-200 with ERDS-100 Round Dog Steel Plates
  34. ERCPS-100 Instructions
  35. EVO-8S and EVO-8S-2
  36. Final Drive Ratio’s
  37. GMA-FC-RFK
  38. GMA Wiring Harness Schematic
  39. Handling and Care of Rear Belts
  40. How To Measure Shoulder Bolts
  41. New PG-100 Pinion Gear from BDL
  42. Lockup Clutch
  43. No Belts Are Covered Under Warranty
  44. Old ECP Style Square Dogs Clutch Plate Set Instructions
  45. Parts For Oil Filter Motor Plate
  46. PGA-100A Installation Instructions
  47. Pinion Gear Information
  48. Pre-Soaking Clutch Plates
  49. Red Thread Locker Use On All Splined Clutch Hubs
  50. RGLT-100 Installation Instructions
  51. Ring Gear Installation Instructions
  52. Supplement for 3″ Belt Drive
  53. Supplement to Install EVO-900: Update and Product Change
  54. TFCPS-100 Installation Instructions
  55. TF-2000/EVO-900 Series Installation for Outboard Support: Update and Product Change
  56. Top Fuel 14MM Drive: Kit Numbers: TF-1000 and TF-2000
  57. Twin-Cam Cam Cover
  58. Ultimate Clutch
  59. Warranty