Belt Tracking and Starter Gear Problems:

Belt Tracking

  1. Inner primary may have excessive chrome, paint or powder coating on mounting surfaces.
  2. Inner primary is warped from powder coating or excessive heat.
  3. Motor or transmission not aligned.
  4. Worn motor or transmission bearing.
  5. Bent frame.
  6. Loose motor mount or transmission mount.
  7. Worn out pulleys (if previously running a belt drive).
  8. Belt installed backwards (if previously run) first time installation printing on belt should face out.
  9. Engine not tightened properly.
  10. Chrome, bent or worn transmission plate

Starter Gear Problems

  1. If using an aftermarket starter and starter engagement problems occur, then use a stock HD starter to check if alignment is correct. If the aftermarket starter continues to cause engagement problems, then shimming between starter and primary may be necessary.
  2. With points ignition, advance mechanism may be worn.
  3. Engine may be out of time.
  4. Solenoid may be bad.
  5. Electronic ignition misfire.
  6. Worn main bearing support.
  7. Loose or broken starter reduction box.
  8. Bent or worn transmission main shaft.
  9. Bent or worn starter shaft.
  10. Bent or worn engagement fork.
  11. Worn outer primary starter shaft support bearing.
  12. Warped or improperly made outer primary cover.
  13. Starter shaft bolt may be too tight. Tighten to HD specifications only.