EV-625 Series

EV-625 Series

EV-625 series fits Softail® models 2007-up and 2006-Up Dyna, except SE, CVO, Breakout and Rocker models. Not for use with mid-controls. This kit is a 2″ drive which features a black belt guard that fits between the motor plate and outside cover. The kit also includes our patented Ball Bearing Lock Up Clutch which will be standard equipment on all BDL drives. The proprietary 2″ belt and pulley combination affords optimum performance throughout the entire RPM range.

We offer this kit in Polished, Chrome (C), Black Anodize (B) and Clear Anodize (CA).


Drive Kit for EV-625 Series

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Drive Kit for EV-625 Series

Drive Kit for EV-625 Series

ARear Basket 69 Tooth 2"69-EV2-4
BFront Pulley 52 Tooth 2" Wide Belt52F-2
C142 Tooth 2" BeltBDL-142-2
DClutch HubEV-180
EComplete Clutch Kit (includes fibers and steels)ERCPS-100
FPatented Ball Bearing Pressure Plate BPP-600
GHub NutEVHN-500
HAdjusting Screw and NutAS-500
LHardware Kit for EV-625EV-625HK
MMotor PlateEV-625MP (B)(C)(CA)
MBMotor Plate BearingMPB-2008
NStarter HousingEV-625SH (B)(C)(CA)
OSide guardEV-625SG (B)(C)(CA)
PDome cover w/ ScrewsEVRC-500 (B)(C)(CA)
RStandoffsEV-625SO (B)(C)(CA)
SBelt GuardEV-625BG

Hub EV-180

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
Hub EV-180

Hub EV-180

DInner Hub EV-180
D1Step Washer and Screws ESW-1
D2C-Clip for Backside of Hub CC-158

Rear Basket 69EV2-4


69EV2-4 Rear Basket

ARear Basket (includes all parts below when ordering 72-3E)69EV2-4
A1Starter Ring GearSG-4
A2Drive Dogs (set of 12)EVRD-1
A3Hub BearingEHB-100
A4C-Clip for Hub BearingCC-244

Front Pulley and Insert 52F-2

 DescriptionBDL Part No.
52F-2 Front Pulley and Insert

52F-2 Front Pulley and Insert

BFront Pulley 52 Tooth 252F-2